Nordic walking

The best full-body workout!

nordic_walkingNordic walking is becoming one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. It is walking with specially designed poles, which is excellent aerobic exercise, allowing us to quickly and effectively improve physical fitness, regardless of age and sex.

This kind of exercise is appropriate for all age groups and levels of experience or endurance. The exercise will work out the whole body. During the workout we will also focus on strengthening and stretching exercises and above all, we will enjoy the interesting walks in the streets and parks of London.

The workout will take place in small groups, where the trainer will adapt the programme to meet the goals and interests of the group.

Workout lasts an hour and a half.

Why nordic walking?

  • The exercise is excellent for weight lose
  • Up to 40% more effective than regular walking
  • Safest physical activity
  • Nordic walking can be done throughout the year
  • Activates muscles of the upper part of the torso

Nordic walking training is also ideal for gaining endurance because it incorporates a large number of muscles and in turn increases the heart rate.

Which relates to these positive atributes:

  • improve endurance
  • improve cardiovascular system
  • strengthen the respiratory system
  • improve flexibility
  • strengthen the arms and shoulder muscles
  • and much more

What do you need?

  • clothes suitable for outdoor activity (trekking trousers, a wind jacket, gloves and a hat)
  • sports shoes (trekking or running shoes; mountaineering boots are not appropriate)
  • Nordic walking poles (trekking poles, cross-country skiing poles or Nordic walking poles)


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