Nutrition programmes

Tailored to meet your needs, interests and lifestyle.

nutrition_programmes-1Shape sports nutrition shows individuals and organisations how to reach their health, performance or weight loss goals. Our nutrition programmes offer superior service, expert advice and are tailored to meet your needs, interests and lifestyle.

Nutrition for individuals

Nutrition consultation: Our nutritionist will put together an eating plan and provide strategies to meet your weight loss, sports performance or health goals. What should you expect? Before your consultation with our nutritionist we will ask you to complete a food questionnaire to enable us to understand your current food habits and behaviours and ensure that you receive maximum value in your consultation. During your one hour appointment we will discuss your current diet, lifestyle and goals. Our nutritionist will then work with you to create a personal food plan with enjoyable and realistic suggestions and strategies to improve your diet.

Personal cooking session: In addition to your nutrition consultation you can also opt for a personal cooking session with our chef to learn how to prepare quick and simple recipes that complement your personal food plan.

Nutrition for organisations

We offer a variety of excellent value health promotion services for organisations to choose from. Our workplace health services are an innovative way to engage your employees and to add interest and fun to a conference or wellbeing event. Our services are designed to improve office morale, job satisfaction and concentration, increase productivity, overall health and nutrition while reducing absenteeism. Our workplace health services include:

Nutrition consultations

Staff wanting a personalised nutrition or weight loss plan can schedule a 30 minute appointment with our qualified nutritionist.

Nutrition workshops

Choose from one or more of the following workshops:

  • Nutrition crash course. Learn why nutrition is important, how to read food labels, what foods to eat and how much to eat.
  • What’s hiding in your food? Discover what’s really hiding in your food.
  • The weight is over! Discover the most effective way to lose weight, tips and tricks for faster results and learn how to maintain the weight loss.
  • Power up! What to eat before and after exercise for superior athletic performance.
  • Food on the run. How to eat well when travelling and dining out.
  • Power foods. Boost your energy levels, concentration and mood.
  • Stay Healthy. Discover what to eat to lower cholesterol and reduce risk of chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease.
Exercise programmes

Choose one or both exercise options:

  • Our Shape sports trainers will take your team for a fun run, power walk or team training session during lunch or after work.
  • Take a Walk Around the World. How? Employees form teams of 8. Each participant is provided with a pedometer and journal to record their daily steps with the goal of achieving at least 10,000 steps a day. Each week the team records their teams’ total steps on a world map. The more active a team, the further they progress across the globe, the more countries they visit and the healthier they become! At the end of the 12 week program, the leading team is rewarded with a party in the theme of their last destination.
Cooking workshops
  • Cooking demonstrations: Our Shape Sports chef can show your staff how to prepare healthy, quick and simple recipes for work lunches, dinner and snacks.
  • Cooking workshops: Suitable for small groups of ten. Our chef will get your staff involved in preparing some simple, healthy and delicious lunch ideas to keep your energy levels and concentration high during the day.

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