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A personal trainer is ideal for people that want to achieve results quickly, that have limited free time and specific goals.

How does such training look like?

Training with a personal trainer is specific and is linked to a particular goal, which varies form one person to another. Training can serve to, for example:

  • increase endurance and strengthen particular muscle groups,
  • lose weight
  • improve your result in a particular competition (e.g. marathon or triathlon)
  • shape the body or improve your technique (e.g. running, swimming or skiing)
  • and much more

Some global goals can be achieved in many different ways, e.g. through running, skiing or fitness. [promo class=”noimage”]In a nutshell, you can achieve anything with ShapeSports [/promo]

Why a personal trainer?

personal_training-image-2A personal trainer guides your training on a track that is most suitable for you. The trainer makes sure the exercises are carried out with the right technique and pace to achieve the goals as quickly as possible and to avoid possible injuries caused by doing the exercises incorrectly. Another major advantage of training with a personal trainer is that every session can be arranged individually. Both scheduling and the intensity of training can be adapted to your personal preferences. How does it all begin? First you need to set the goals together with your trainer. And then off to work.

Running with a personal trainer

Running with a personal trainer is very efficient and is the quickest and healthiest way to progress.The trainer focuses on you alone for the entire session, making it easier for the trainer to adapt to you and provide the specific guidance you need. The trainer prepares a personalised programme, offering thefastest way to progress.

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The trainer always runs by your side, providing motivation and feedback with corrections throughout the training session. Running with a personal trainer is advisable for all who wish to improve their running technique, to achieve results faster, to choose the correct running shoes or to start running in a healthier and more efficient way, and above all have fun. 



First session is for FREE – with no obligation to continue

4 sessions The best way to learn all the basics


  • Running analysis
  • Training programme
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10 sessions An excellent way to get fitter and stronger


  • Running analysis
  • Training programme
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Lunch break One 45 min session during your lunch break


  • Running analysis
  • Training programme
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Ultimate training Maximum results in minimum time


3 MONTHS/4 SESSIONS per week
  • Trainer always runs beside you
  • 2x advanced motion analysis
  • Training programme
  • Nutrition programme
  • Ballance training
  • Mental training
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