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Our training sessions are suitable for everyone.

We welcome all levels of runners, from beginners, recreational and professional runners. At all levels we provide technical analysis and advice and put in place the right plan to improve and keep motivated.

Run in small groups and feel the difference! Maximum 10 people per group. Each session lasts 75 minutes.

7 reasons why you should join our groups

  • Increase Fitness
  • Reduce Stress
  • Learn the Proper Technique
  • Lose Weight
  • Burn Fat
  • Meet New People
  • Have Fun

How does our training look like?

Exercise is carried out in small groups where the trainer will adapt the running programme to meet the goals and interests of the group.

Running in a small group also means the coach can focus on all the participants equally and constantly thus providing quality feedback at all times. It is the closest thing to personal training, without the extra cost.

Trainer always runs by your side

In this training, the trainer always runs by your side, providing motivation and feedback with corrections throughout the training session.


Those of you who are about to take your first running steps – we offer a easy workout in a group with a combination of walking, running and various strengthening and stretching exercises.

Recreational and advance runners

Those of you who are already into running, doing several kilometres at once –  We offer an advance workout in suitable groups with proper analysis of running technique and the right plan for progress and motivation. More stress will also be given to measurements and testing.

London Eye, Regent’s park, Victoria park, Canary Wharf, Wormwood Scrubs, take your pick.

We have sessions every day, take a look at our locations page to see which one fits you best!

Every session will bring something new and will include many interesting strengthening and stretching exercises that will be a pleasant addition to the workout. All groups will first focus on learning running techniques. But before doing any serious exercise, we will talk about proper running equipment.

Our running timetable

You can choose:

  • Mondays – Beginners & Intermediate (7pm Victoria Park)
  • Tuesdays – Running Boot Camp (7pm Jubilee Gardens)
  • Wednesdays – Beginners & Intermediate (7pm City)
  • Thursdays – Beginners (7pm Jubilee Gardens)
  • Fridays – Intermediate (7pm Jubilee Gardens)
  • Sundays – Beginners & Intermediate (7pm Regent’s Park)


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Unlock your speed and endurance
Improve your technique, train smarter and be amazed what you can achieve in a short period of time.

Improve your body condition
Get the natural muscle tonus and strength by doing the right exercises.

Reduce chance of injury
By improving muscle flexibility and strength.

Improve overall well-being
People who take time for exercise on a regular basis are more productive and have more energy.

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If you are not satisfied with our services, we offer 100% money back guarantee.

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