Swimming – Adults

Swimming is one of the best ways to get fitter!

Improving your swimming is an excellent goal. The better you swim, the more satisfying it becomes and the more you benefit. We have all the tools to help enhance your swimming, from technique pointers to nourishment assistance.

Our swimming classes are suitable for everyone who wants to improve their swimming technique, gain more swimming endurance or just relax during fun and motivational swim sessions.

Swimming – Beginners

Would you like to be able to swim freestyle, easy lengths up and down the pool? Are you questioning if you could ever truly do it?

We think that anybody can, with the right assistance.

We’ll lead you with our proven stroke strategy, and step by step assistance. We are experienced coaches and able to work patiently with any stress or worry you may have.

We have some excellent approaches for over-coming worry and how to feel confident with your face in the water. They actually can work marvels!

As swimming coaches we instruct the fundamentals of freestyle and breaststroke to amateur swimmers every day. Getting rid of those difficulties is never simple however with a little determination and with our expertise and techniques you’re going to make it for sure.

Shape Sports are professionals in helping novices to learn and enhance their freestyle swimming. You’ll discover our methods enjoyable, satisfying and motivating.

Swimming – Intermediate

You can swim freestyle however wish to enhance your stroke strategy? You’re in the right place! We are specialists at helping you enhance your freestyle method and do the right training.

Covered in depth are:

  • breathing
  • kicking
  • body roll
  • rhythm and timing
  • triathlon & open water

We customize our training and strategies to your specific requirements.

We do not count on a single strategy. We’ll show you the best ways to strike, the very best balance of physical fitness and we will coach method training for much better outcomes.

We have proven teaching methods however we’re not dogmatic – we have a free-thinking, open minded and individual approach.

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