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We highly recommend Shape Sports, fitness company. The staff at Coca-Cola HBC has been cooperating with Blaz and his team for two years now. The team organises and executes high quality fitness sessions with a focus on running and marathon preparations.The Shape Sports staff is highly dedicated, fun, knowledgeable and most importantly they are great motivators. The experienced trainers tailor their sessions to best suit the fitness and interests of each group and deliver sessions that are consistently engaging, exciting and fun. We received very positive feedback from our employees who attended the sessions, claiming that it was great fun and at the same time helped them obtain and exceed their fitness goals, improve their running technique and overall health and wellbeing.
Maja Muric, Public Affairs and Communication, Coca-Cola HBC Slo

When I first decided to take up running again I was nervous about joining a running group because I didn’t know what to expect, and I was worried that I just wouldn’t be very good given that I hadn’t ran since leaving school.
I am so glad that I did as it turns out I wasn’t as bad as I had first thought, now after just a few months of being with Shape Sports I have just completed my first 10K in 45min, and signed up for a half marathon. A few months ago I would not have imagined that I could have come so far, but thanks to Blaz and Miha I now feel like a confident runner who with the correct training can tackle anything.

Blaz and Miha are both truly inspirational individuals, who are friendly and encouraging. They take the time to understand each persons needs and with the combination of running, strength training and technique exercises help each individual achieve their goals, become better runners and have a lot of fun on the journey.

Thank you Blaz and Miha for helping me meet my goals and making running such an enjoyable experience.


I recommend Shape Sports to everyone. Before i joined, I used to do everything possible to avoid having to run, but now thanks to the wonderful coaches, I now find that i love running. The running gait analysis was amazing and highly informative. The analysis showed what I was doing wrong and under the relaxed and fun environment that the coaches create each session, I worked to correct it. I now find running so much fun. If you want to start running, this is the company to do it with.


Anyone thinking of joining Shape Sports running group my advice is Just do it! Their coaches are great! Patient and knowledgeable! Every session is like a personal training!

Rob, 39

I did 8 full marathons and thought I know a lot abut running, specially running technique. After running analysis with Blaz and seeing myself running in slow-motion I realised there is really a lot to improve. I started too feel a great difference strait away and improve my best marathon result for 11 minutes just with changing the running technique. AMAZING! IF YOU ARE A RUNNER OR STARTING TO BE ONE, GO TO SHAPE SPORTS!

Nicolas, 36

I used to hate the mere thought of running and now I love it! didn’t realise that running technique is so important. I love it! Thanks Blaz and Miha!

Linda, 46

I must admit I’ve never been a fan of running as I always found it boring and too harsh on the body. I really had doubts about signing up for a running class, but am sooo glad I did. I liked the fact that the groups are so small! I feel like everything is possible now! Thanks!


I had no idea how to get started. Thank you for a all tips and advices that keeps me motivated and improving. I never thought of my self as a ‘runner’ but now I do!

Anna 28

Blaz helped me heal a persistent calf pain, which has made me give up running before, by getting me to correct my foot alignment. After just few weeks, I am really starting to enjoy running!” Their RUNNING ANALYSIS is something EVERY RUNNER SHOULD DO!”


Shape Sports coaches are creating a fun and motivating environment for all participants and it’s impossible not to enjoy a running session when your trainer is always smiling and including humour’.

Amie, 32

Wow! I’ ve been here for only one month now and results are getting to show already. Very impressed! Before I wasn’t able to put 2 miles together at a that pace and now I can easily do 5.Yey! I think running in small group really helps!

Emma, 34

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